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Who we are

WBG Wireless is a renowned innovator in cell phone repair and unlock services for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC throughout Morrow, Jonesboro, Stockbridge, Ellenwood, McDonough area. We have specialized in repairing, conditioning, and refurbishing electronic devices, and we have earned the reputation for having the best customer service.

What we do

At WBG Wireless, we understand that you need your device repaired fast and correctly, the first time. We also value your time and thus deliver execute our quality services within the shortest amount of time possible. Yes, we are fast in our repairs, but we ensure quality standards are always adhered to. We fix iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola among other types of cell phones. Whether the problem your device faces is water damage, broken screen, charging port problem, home button malfunction or any other failures, our expert technicians have it solved in no time.

Apple Cell Phone Repair

If you chose an Apple as your phone of choice, then WBG Wireless can help fix virtually any of the problems it will develop. It does not matter which generation of iPhone yours is, not even the iPhone 6. Our professional team of technicians will return your cell phone to its former glory.

Android Cell Phone Repair

Android has certainly a broad basket of choice for consumers; ranging from the all-powerful Samsung Galaxy 5 to Google Nexus. Whatever problems your Android cell phone develops, you can be sure our experienced technicians have the know-how to undo virtually any damages that have occurred.

Tablet/iPad Repair

You can be forgiven for falling in love with your tablet. It offers the best combination of size and function; be it for work, school or plain old play. It is the middle ground between your smartphone and your laptop that is quite convenient to take with you. But when misfortunes and tragedies come knocking at your door and your tablet develops a problem. You better also knock on the right doors, behind which a team of professional technicians will restore your ‘darling’ to its former state ASAP.

Computer Repair Service

Perhaps you need software that can only run on Windows to get the work done. As far as tablets are concerned, the Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface come in pretty handy. You can trust that our experienced team of technicians can revive your Windows tablet in the event it gets spoiled.

Our Experience

WBG Wireless has been in operation for three years now. We are located in Morrow, GA & Jonesboro, GA. We have 3 locations for your convenience. Professionalism and expertise are at the core of our computer & cell phone repair services.

We Specialize In

Why Choose Us?

WBG Wireless offers the best quality parts and repair services for any device. We will put your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC in the hands of experienced and professional technicians. If your device is not functioning normally and you cannot pinpoint what the problem is, WBG Wireless will run a free diagnostic to identify the problem and return it to its former glory.
Most of our repair works are completed within 30 minutes after the diagnosis. We understand the crucial role your device can play in your life, and thus, we do not want to hold on to it any longer than needed.
If you are currently experiencing a problem with your device, don’t just sit there and make-do with the problems. Contact us now, and get rid of the problem by utilizing the skills and experience of professional technicians at WBG Wireless. Bring in your faulty iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC for a quick fix without sacrificing quality.
Contact WBG Wireless now, where all your electronics’ problems are solved fast and best.


Expert Repair Services

Advanced Diagnostics

Water Damaged Restoration

Superior Service & Consultation

Extremely Fast Turnaround

Repair, Restore & Revive


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Best. Product. Ever! I am really satisfied with my WBG WIRELESS. WBG WIRELESS has got...

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It fits our needs perfectly. The very best. I don't know what else to say....

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